Canadian Overseas Petroleum Limited




Arthur Millholland
President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Millholland has been President and Chief Executive Officer of Canadian Overseas Petroleum since August 2009, and has been a professional geologist for 30 years. He has worked in a variety of regions including the UK North Sea, Canada, the Gulf of Mexico, the United States, South America, and West and North Africa. He is a member of the Association of Professional Engineers Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta, and the American Association of Petroleum Geologists.

Rod Christensen
Vice President Exploration & Exploitation

Mr. Christensen has been Manager of Exploration since August 2009. He has 30 years working in the natural resource industry in Western Canada, the UK North Sea and throughout the world. He has served as the lead geologist for a variety of companies that have made numerous significant discoveries. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Washington.

Ken Halward
Manager of Reservoir Development

Mr. Halward has been Manager of Reservoir Development since August 2009. Mr. Halward has over 30 years of diversified experience in both the Western Canadian Basin, the UK North Sea and in international areas including Venezuela, Argentina, Ecuador, Libya, and the UK North Sea.

Ryan Gaffney
Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Gaffney was previously Managing Director with investment bank Canaccord Genuity Limited and Canaccord Genuity Corp.  from 2002 to 2015, assisting with fundraising, mergers and acquisitions and advisory services.  He was a Non-Executive Director of Australian Stock Exchange listed Auroch Minerals Limited from 2016 to 2019. He holds a BSBA from the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver.


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